The concept

The restaurant concept is original Thai flavour, not Westernized like other Thai restaurants abroad. You may experience eating authentically hot Thai food just like eating in Thailand. Our main ingredients are all native Thai herbs from Thailand. However, to support local farmers, fresh vegetables will be based on seasonal Netherlands veg. The owner has a degree in Hotel Management from ROC Leiden and adapted French cooking methods to Thai kitchens. We ensure that even if head chefs is away, the2nd and 3rd Chef will makes sure that every dish is prepared to the same standard and taste.

About “Max”

He has more than 25 years of cooking experience due to the family has long operated a street food business.

Starting when he was 10 years old at Grandma’s house,he first began making curry paste. At age 12, I started cooking. Then he and his mother relocated to the Netherlands when he was 15 years old. A Thai restaurant owned by his family called Siesoton had been operating in Leiden for ten years. His ability to cook is gradually improved by this.

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